Danger of Synthol

Synthol (synthol).

A few years ago you could hardly find an ever more information about synthol in ruskoyazychnyh media. It almost was not. And now, just lazy about it have not heard – many articles … Although they are essentially clones of a small transferable Wikipedia that appeared in “Muscle & Fitness” for May 2001 and must pay tribute, has promoted this shit from us. However, it has been particularly active this theme became obsuzhdatsya on various websites and forums just last year. And I must say pleased that both heterosexual and consumers of steroids in the majority agree that the use of synthol – the prerogative of the head ill people do not have to sport in any way. And now in order.


Synthol – Pump’N’Pose So it has decided that talking about creating synthol begin by mentioning esiklena. I remind you that this drug has gained immense popularity in the 80 years, has an extremely low anabolic activity, but intramuscular injections has the property to cause strong inflammatory response, resulting in swelling and, accordingly, short-term (around 24 hours) increase in muscle. These properties and led to the widespread use of esiklena competing bodybuilders. And at the same time prompted the German chemist amateur Chris Clark to the idea that a good idea to create a similar drug for long periods. Obtained in the early 90’s, he composition of Synthol ( http://ru.fishki.net/picsw/072008/07/synthol/synthol ) – like the name of one of the most powerful technology of nuclear fusion. However, this name was already patented, so it was invented by a new – “Pump’N’Pose” (Download and Pose). Under this brand name drug is now sold worldwide.

One of the first users synthol was a German strongman Klaus Doring, who calls himself “the owner of the biggest hands in the world,” the size of 27 inches (this umolishennogo you still see). At the end of the article in Kunstkammer and you realize that now there is nothing unusual. A couple of inches with synthol – a common occurrence. And kolyat it is now not only in the biceps and triceps, but also in igronozhnye, quadriceps, deltoids and pectoral muscles.

Clark found a truly a gold mine (for myself of course), as provided an opportunity for thousands of people ready to go at all for the sake of MASS virtually trouble-free method that does not shun any amateur or pro. $ 400 – that is the price of a bottle synthol, which is banned for use in the “intended use” all federations and committees, but is sold worldwide as oil for posing.

What is Synthol?

Synthol is 85% composed of C8 fatty acids (MCT-Medium Chain Triglycerides – Triglycerides average chain lengths), a number of C10 and C12 fatty acids, 7.5% lidocaine (local anesthetic), 7.5% benzyl alcohol. In simple terms this oil (fat) with some degree of Analgesic substances. The drug is inserted deep into the muscle, which is deposited between the bundles of muscle fibers. With repeated injections, the volume of oil in the muscle grows, increasing its size, just as a stretched balloon filling with air. About 30% of the drug is metabolized by the body. The remaining 70% remain in the muscles, which lasted for more than 3-5 years and are very slow decay. Over the duration of synthol there are many disputes, but mostly they boil down to what synthol lingers in the muscles for much longer than was stated – at least 8 years.

How to apply Synthol? “Injections are made with a fine needle to a depth of one-quarter inch. During the first 20 days of daily 1 ml. 10 more days – to 2 ml. Then 3 ml daily until the muscle will increase its volume. When growth stops within 30 days to 1 ml daily. Another 30 days – 1 ml twice a day. Then, 1 ml per week for 1 month. Only after passing this course gains in muscle size is constant, and the muscle is not reduced. After 4 months of the course must be repeated again: it may be possible to achieve a new addition of the volume (although the chances are not so great, about 50 to 50). From the point of view of medicine is very similar obsessions with schizophrenia. Just imagine – a minimum of 275 ml in the same muscle, at least 250 injections in one muscle!



User training synthol.

Probably many have heard about what workout using Synthol (language does not turn to call them athletes) take the unusual fullness, becoming “really heavy”. Every now and then you read about the “extraordinary Pampa”, that his hands after a single approach in any upper body exercise, “hammered” after hundreds of approaches like any exercise at hand. All this indicates firstly the absolute ignorance of the consumers themselves, and secondly, the absolute literacy of those who sell this stuff. Therefore, be clear. Actually Pump (pump) – is a subjective sensation, which arises in the results at the amplified blood flow to the working muscle, which arises due to expansion of blood vessels and increases blood flow, respectively, the muscles, which is perceived as Distension, etc. With regard to the severity of training and “clogging” of muscles, everything is determined by functional ischemia working muscles (ie, although the blood flow and increased, but it is still insufficient to ensure adequate muscle with oxygen), the consequence is anaerobic glycolysis, lactic acid, burning and pain in the muscles. What happens if the space between muscle fibers is Synthol? It’s very simple. During the same approach will suspend the oil mechanically compresses blood vessels and nerve endings that felt like Pampa, burning, “plugging muscle” muscle is almost no work.

The danger of using synthol.


“While Clarke claims that synthol absolutely safe, however, in an episode of” Uncensored “Greg Zulaka he withdrew all responsibility for possible consequences for the organism, with its use for any purpose other than oil for posing.” This is a quotation. Funny to read. Now seriously.

Greg Valentino’s hand after a failed injection. A more accurate after the operation. He lucky to be alive.
He lucky to be alive.

Any injections, even properly perform potentially dangerous for the organism. Virtually no one other than physicians (and not all doctors) do not know of topographic anatomy of blood vessels and nerves. Especially when it comes to small muscle groups. T. of. by intramuscular injection fairly easy to damage a particular nerve, causing paresis (violation of sensitivity) or paralysis of the innervated area.

Scott Klein – died May 22, 2003 after a failed injection synthol.Best result – 11 in the heavyweight champion at the U.S. Championships in 1998.
Contact with a needle into a blood vessel (particularly in the vein) is much more dangerous in terms of development of fat embolism of vessels of the heart, lungs, brain, which often leads to death. Much more often postinjection infection and abscess (localized purulent inflammation), and phlegmon (generalized purulent inflammation) requiring surgery.

Milos Sartsev – one of the few pro confess application synthol. Before surgery on the right biceps.He is after the operation.
In addition to all other components of the drug directly stimulates an inflammatory response in the muscle, but considerable amounts of fatty acids for a long time deposited between muscle bundles, causing ischemia, atrophy and sclerosis of the muscle tissue. Think of at least 250 chances to go to the light!

Ethics and aesthetics.

When it comes to that, IFBB has banned the use synthol I start to laugh. IFBB with its prohibitions is a mockery of themselves. Releasing the list of banned drugs, they seem to indicate that you need to take an athlete to achieve better results in this federation. They require a monster and monsters are not forced to wait long. But if the use of steroids has nothing to do with natural sports, Synthol has nothing to do with sports at all – it’s from somewhere in another world … The world of mutants, or something. And it has nothing to do that, we have a guy with a steroid 50 cm hand lose sintolovomu bastard with a shoulder and forearm 56 cm x 27 cm, and then where would be naturals. None. Just sick of all this.

Cabinet of Curiosities!
Gregg Valentino – best known sintolschik in the world, and part-owner of “the biggest hands in bodbildinge. For me it is so so cylinders with crap instead of hands. Incidentally, what happened to his hand, you might see … lightly.

Klaus Doring – this is the one language does not turn to say strongman, one of the first users synthol, more like a mutant pig. Laurels Valentino did not give him a rest here and tries to …144

Klaus Kaak – crazy old man. As someone put it on one forum: “He seems to escaped from the madhouse, and the output of the guards bucket synthol steal.”



How is it possible to comment – I do not know. Simply tell where synthol not, because such places do not. Nothing is more idiotic is not seen.

Ulcers instead of biceps are visible even under a layer of paint. A gripping teeth probably trained separately.

And as you are govnoemkosti. No, you look around: all the surrounding Islands, blevanut here – specifically, it was worth it. For the sake of this one was worth to be born.



Another sintolovy freak – Eli Hanna in the company of Russian mutants (M. BEKO – on top, and A. Horse Racing – below) and mutantok. Cool kids – take an example.unnamed
I do not know what he wants to show – probably sintolovy member.

unnamed (1)
The peak on the left biceps particularly successful, especially if have time to catch sintolovy ball in the right place at the right time, and you look and you get a peak at the triceps, or anywhere else.
Gary Blais – very typical facial expression suggests nedyuzhennom intellectual capabilities and deep philosophical thought.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)
“Powerlifter” with a capital letter. No comments …
Do you think we have no such? There. One of them – Valery Loktionov – 49 years. And the most fun, in different forums, he tries to prove that synthol about it. Of course not – there is, at best – “Oleyna.

unnamed (4)
Already once mentioned sintolovyh pros. So here they are. Flex Wheeler’s own persona. Titles will not enumerate.

unnamed (5)
Ernie Taylor – 11 th place at Mr. Olympia 2003.

unnamed (7)unnamed (6)
Mustafa Mohammad – Mr sintolovy quadriceps. Idris Ward-El – U.S. champion in 2002 in the heavyweight and overall classification (just look how the charter – it seems it’s time to take down).

unnamed (8)unnamed (9)
Look-ka for these guys – yes they are about the same synthol never heard and deeply intelligent glance confirmation of this. Well, those born healthy, which is now too …

unnamed (10)unnamed (11)
Johnny Moya and Nesser El Sonbati.

unnamed (13)unnamed (12)


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