Top 10 Best Sounding Languages

Top 10 Best Sounding Languages -//


+17It’s got staccato, it’s got bella figura and it’s got a natural flow like now other language. It’s a like a sunbaked, elegantly worn down version of Latin with sprinkles on top. It’s got the warmth of Portuguese, the clarity of Spanish and the sophistication of French. If there is a heaven, they surely speak Italian over there.

+15It’s sounds so melodic! In my opinion it’s much than french, which sounds too snobbish.
Some languages that don’t sound good are near the top because of their native speakers.

+10This is modern Latin. It is a very poetic language and has some of the best literature. I am a native English and Spanish speaker. And I must say that Italian flows the way a language should. Only Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian come close. French sucks.


+15Definitely french. I speak spanish and english and I’m studying french and the sound is amazing. I would love to marry a french girl

+9As a fluent Spanish (Madrid, Spain) and English (North Carolina, US) speaker there is no language that compares with French. I would trade both languages I know just to know French.

+6I hate the sound of French.


+1I am from Germany. I have learnt French and English. French is a good language but I found English to be much more easy to learn because it does not have different genders and endings. There are a few complicated endings such as ‘enough’ and ‘through’ but every language has problems like that and they are easy to get over anyway

+2Spoken all over the world by millions of people. Brilliant sound and romantic

+2I speak it :p and a lot of the world speaks English…


+10I have listened to the language and it has a very interesting quality to it.
I am learning Swedish and it sounds nice.
Therefore, I must introduce you with a phrase…
Bra, tack. Och du? (fine, thank you. And you? )

+4Sounds very sweet, like a mix between German and Italian, or like German without the harchness. Some people say that swedish is like German spoken under water. The most beautiful of the Germanic languages in my opinion.

+6When Swedish people talk, it sounds like they’re singing. Beautiful!


+13Definitely the scariest white people.

+7Beautiful sounding. It’s flowing. How did Japanese get near the top. I am Japanese and most people including me find it annoying to hear. I would weather hear German.

+1It has no set word order, there’s lots of freedom to play with words. It’s got some very unconventional and ultimately awesome sounding noises in there. And it’s so blunt and to the point that it can make a lot of mundane things sound awesome.


+18I love the way it sounds, the type of words found are much better to listen to and fun to say than Frwnach or Englich, etc. In addition, I think how they flow together is really great. French is just absolutely terrible, I HATE IT! Although Italian would be a second to Japanese. Plus, Japanese music is just amazing.

+20The Asians groups and singers are the best music all around the world in this moment

+17It flows perfectly, though the grammar is a bit difficult to grasp if English is your first language.


+19Whether from Brazil (Brasil), Africa or, of course, Portugal- it’s simply lulling to the ears, no matter where you’re from. One of the Romance languages; its structure is great while its soft nasalized tones and “sh” endings are not only easy on the ear, but more than pleasing in their almost sung form. I’d vote it top 5 if not “numero um”!

+4The Portuguese is awesome, but the Portuguese from Europe and Africa doesn’t sound well as the Portuguese from Brazil sounds. It is totally different than any other kind of Portuguese spoken worldwide. It is consequence of the influence that the Brazilian Portuguese received of a lot of other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, German, languages of Brazilian Indians, and languages brought from Africa by black slaves. It is what made the Portuguese from Brazil be the beautiful language that it is nowadays. Brazilian Portuguese is amazing.

+11Wondeful. Have a huge arsenal of words. And sounds great as well.
Sadly a little quantity of other countries know much things about her.


Its like mixed Italian with Russian when I was in Greece I was in the train and 2 beautiful greek girls were talking next to me and it was like the cutest language I’ve ever heard in my life!


+1It sounds like all the European languages (Russian, Italian, Spanish… ) together and has a very nice sound.

+2One of the most beautiful-sounding languages in the world.


+8It is a beautiful language, easy to learn, widely spoken and Spanish people are very friendly. I would trade in my English language to speak Spanish.

+2This language is very light on the ears with sounds that just glide right off of the tongue. I’m a speaker of Spanish and favor the sounds produced over English. Words flow right into each other without a stutter. This language is way softer than its closer cousin languages like Portuguese a Italian.


+2I love dutch, definitely the middle of English and German, has latin, French influences like English, if the norman French didn’t invade in 1066, English and dutch would share mutual intelligibility, very much like how Norway and Sweden are today, hence dutch and English are very closely related I speak both languages and some words and scentences need no translation at all

+1The Dutch language is interesting and easy to learn, because it looks a bit like the English.



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