Go to school 看A片的九大缺點!

Go to school: 
‘H “k6 L” W) M / U
2 D7 R) u% |:. [6 t4 \ * h 1
 always thought that when you hit a shot with the teacher failed the math test to cross the border. 0 N, a% L * C $ V, \ 2 X “y3 K e
# C * y7 q, B + E2 b (h “q (xd 2.
 Always like to think that the health center’s aunt grandmother helped me a massage with a large wound. 
% R # b7 L & c * [/ X, j7 e & y 3.
 Always thought that female teachers arrived each new class must be helped to teach male students trumpet. ) `+ W & A9 l. F” D-W / F4 e
# |.!!. H3 C T% A & A x 4
 always thought to go to physical education is a very dangerous thing, because the male teachers will be asked to do push-ups on the girls ass. 

/ I% [2 L + g9} – N ‘G home when: 
6 E (i% A) V-U, j (m n * K
# I2 R7 T, _-o. ~ 6 O7 E / k 5.
 Always thought old father no strength to cope with the new mother, so when his son to stick out her very full coarse meal. 
3 Z) K “A # X2 j. D8 j% j-~ 1 ^ 6.
 Always thought aunt next door to go out to buy food when not wearing underwear, see greengrocer on shelling exchange for onions. 
# X5 @ 5 U) p ‘I / S9 E9 I “V6 l 7.
 Always thought sister saw me in the shower on the matter in 3721 immediately outside their own cool again. 
 Always thought the maid at home are divorced Jour, but always called her stuffed cucumber cut in the middle of the foot. , L Y3 P / f) h} 7 d
% O6 m7 W! [0 e. X9 H4 u2 r 9.
 Always thought to send registered mail postman do not have to cover the seal, as long as the milk exposed to him on it.


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